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A little history

The beginning of perestroika ushered in a new opportunity to organize cooperatives and lease business space, but the jewelry industry continued to remain a state monopoly. A.G. Ananov managed to overcome the daunting obstacles and was the first person in Russia to gain the right to open a privately-owned jewelry firm.

In 1988, A.G. Ananov started looking for studio space. By a twist of fate, it was in this very building, on Kuibyshev Street in St. Petersburg, that the studio would find a home, that, in a place where Ananov’s portrait hangs, room for a door would be made...

The studio would continue to exist here until 2005, when it moved to a new building designed by A.G. Ananov himself expressly for the studio.

In a comfortable and expansive space, with its own air-conditioning and heating systems, there’s a mechanical shop-room and rooms where the jewelers work. It has its own cafeteria, a gym, and on the third floor - a showroom and administrative offices. Both the building and the land it stands on are privately owned by the firm.